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Welcome to International Ivy!

Dear Parents:

My kids inspired me to create International Ivy. I wanted them to have creative, hands-on and intellectually-stimulating learning experiences during the summer.  Summer is a great time to explore, meander, stretch the imagination and lose oneself in doing something fun. Our ultimate goal is to help our students find their passion. Once they find it, they are self-motivated to learn and explore further.

We offer classes across many disciplines to satisfy the diverse interests and talents of the children we serve. There are more than fifty classes to choose from in technology, science, performing arts, visual arts, math, business, sports, recreation and even construction!

Prior to starting International Ivy, I worked at the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. One of my responsibilities was to drive Innovation at the Company. In this position, I’ve learned that to be innovative, we must continuously experiment and learn, then experiment and learn some more. For this reason, we are always bringing new classes to our students and improving our existing classes.

For the summer of 2016, we are adding these exciting new courses:

  • Digital Fashion Design
  • 3D Art Projects – Graphic Arts and Print-Making
  • 3D Printing
  • Improvisation Workshop
  • Stage Combat
  • Engineering and Programming with Arduino
  • Computer Programming with Python
  • Pre-Architecture
  • Pre-Law
  • Chemical Engineering: Polymers & Bioplastics
  • Fantasy Sport Math
  • Stranded on Algebra Island

Our team members thrive on the joy and laughter of our students. We recognize that building relationships and having positive interactions are just as important as learning in the classroom.

Come join us for a positive and nurturing summer experience!

Lily Wong
Founder and Program Director

Things To Know

International Ivy is a fully accredited American Camp Association institution.

Our Program is open to all.  We believe all students should have access to a mind-growing and spirit-lifting experience in the summer!

Financial Aid is available. Simply complete the application to see if you are eligible!


Let the Mind be Creative

We design our classes to be creative. Kids design video games, devise the winning robots, tinker with the engineering of gadgets, conduct experiments and make films.  There are many opportunities for kids to exercise their creative juices, at a time in their lives when they are the most creative and open.


Communicate and Collaborate

Students advance their communication skills by sharing their ideas and showcasing the results of their creativity to their peers.  Students will often work together and enhance their collaboration skills.


Let’s Practice Critical Thinking by being Problem-Solvers

Students will be given challenges and adventures to figure out.  They will be analyzing information, drawing conclusions and trying different solutions.  We encourage resilience and an optimistic outlook. Optimism is a way of seeing the world where problems are temporary and we can take actions to reduce or resolve problems.


Hands-on – We Learn Best by Doing

Our classes are hands-on.  Our instructors demonstrate and model new concepts.  Then most of the time is dedicated to students developing and practicing their new skills.  Our instructors provide guidance and support along the way.


Great Instructors and Small Classes

Our instructors thrive on the joy and curiosity of our students.  Building relationships and having positive interactions are just as important as learning in the classroom.  Many of our nurturing instructors are certified teacher or specialists in their fields.  We cap the enrollment of each class to 12 students to create better learning experiences.


Flexible Scheduling Options

All sessions are weekly so students can attend one week or multiple weeks. Each week, students can choose to attend either half-day or full-day. Half-day is either AM (9:00-12:30) or PM (1:30-5:00). Full-day is 9:00-5:00.  We provide a complimentary 30-minute drop-off and pick-up period for greater flexibility.


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